Quickscan – Faculty of Impact

This tool checks if you can be funded by Faculty of Impact.
Start the Eligibility Check and find out!

Can your idea make a big societal impact?

Does your startup have the potential to significantly enhance the quality of life, access to services, or general well-being of a large population segment. Consider the scale of your solution’s potential reach and the depth of the issue it addresses within the market.

Are you motivated to start your own business or scalable non-profit based on your research?

Motivation is crucial as it fuels yours perseverance, resilience, and drive needed to overcome the inevitable challenges of building a successful startup.

Are you employed by a university (of applied sciences) or other knowledge institute?

This will be the institution that we will fund to pay you a salary and other costs associated with your startup. Full list here.

You are eligible

Congratulations! Your startup meets our eligibility criteria and we’re excited about the potential impact and innovation your idea brings. Please consider applying!


Your startup has limited transformative potential or societal benefit. Both scalability and potential for broad adoption are essential aspects for Faculty of Impact.

Perhaps there are other applications for your research?

Not sure

No reason to panic. You can get a letter of intent from a knowledge institute that states they’ll hire you at the start of the program. Our funding structure doesn’t accommodate any other way.