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2106, 2024

Five questions about applying for the Faculty of Impact

June 21st, 2024|

Do you have an impactful idea that you want to bring to the market? The Faculty of Impact program might be of interest to you. Sandy Kalisingh, who is associated with NWO as senior program officer, answers the five most frequently asked questions applicants have.

2106, 2024

Quiet heat pumps and a happy mom

June 21st, 2024|

Heat pumps, everyone should have one. Due to their energy efficiency compared to traditional heating and cooling, they're an essential part of the energy transition, especially for households. The only issue with these promising pumps: they're noisy.

2702, 2024

From no experience to commercial success

February 27th, 2024|

When Eline Van Beest (40) graduated fifteen years ago, she knew she had a great product in her hands. She had developed a device that could help improve the lives of many patients with sleep apnea.

2912, 2022

Impact Week 6

December 29th, 2022|

Before wrapping up 2022, we met for our Impact Week 6, hosted in De Baak, in Driebergen. Our fellow Yari started this session by presenting his case to the other fellows.