Five questions about applying for the Faculty of Impact

21 June 2024

Are you a researcher in the fields of Agriculture, Water and Food, or The Circular Economy? Or is your research related to the Energy Transition, Health and Healthcare, or Security.  Do you have an impactful idea that you want to bring to the market? The Faculty of Impact program might be of interest to you.

 If you are selected, you will have two years to transform your groundbreaking research into a business. You will receive guidance and coaching to either bring your project to the market as a startup or to discover in a safe environment that entrepreneurship is not the right path for you.

Sandy Kalisingh, who is associated with NWO as senior program officer, answers the five most frequently asked questions applicants have:

  1. Who is eligible to apply for the Faculty of Impact?

“Every year, we have different themes for which we seek applicants. For the current call, which closes on October 1st, we are looking for applicants working in the fields of Agriculture, Water and Food or the Circular Economy. Researchers who are working on the Energy Transition, Health and Healthcare, or Security are also eligible to apply.  Your idea must be validated with a pilot in a lab environment or with relevant stakeholders.”

  1. What are the other requirements for participation?

“The most important requirement is that you believe that your research can truly make a positive impact in the world. Of course, your topic should match one of the themes of this call. Furthermore, you should have (almost) finished your PhD, work as a postdoc, university lecturer or other academic staff, or hold a comparable position at an university of applied science. You need to have, or will be given, a position of no less than 0.8FTE for at least two years.

  1. I already have a startup, can I still participate?

“With a startup, you may apply, but if you already have paying customers, you are not eligible for this program. You might, however, be eligible for other NWO programs designed to stimulate research.”

  1. What can I apply for?

” You can apply for a maximum of €185,000. This budget can be spent for the modules ‘Personnel costs, and ‘Equipment’ during the two years you are enrolled in the Faculty of Impact program.”

  1. Is it possible to discuss my ideas in person?

“Absolutely, we are happy to answer your questions. You can attend one of the Q&A sessions that we organize after summer at various universities, register for one of the webinars about this program, or get in touch with me or my colleague, Leon Gielgens. If you send an email, you will definitely receive a response.”

Do you want to apply or need more information on the requirements? Check the NWO website.

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