Wanted: researchers to build a business in
Agriculture, water and food and the Circular Economy

We support promising researchers like you
with a two year fellowship. Let’s turn your
breakthrough research into a business.

Our offer to you

We are the Faculty of Impact of the Netherlands. Our work: turn science into impact. We do that by supporting promising researchers of Dutch research institutes with a two year fellowship.

That’s two years to turn your breakthrough research into a business. But not just any business. For us it’s about business with big impact. And for the record: a non-profit is a business too.

Our new Call focuses on the five themes of mission-driven innovation policy, namely: i) Agriculture, water and food, ii) Circular economy, iii) Energy transition, iv) Health and care, and v) Security. Each year, there is a focus on specifically two of these five themes: most awards for personal grants in that year are for proposals focused on one of these two specific themes. For this Call, these are Agriculture, Water and Food and Circular Economy. Additionally, proposals can be submitted connected to the other three themes. In practice, this means that there is expected to be budget for awarding five proposals on each of the two specific themes, and four proposals linked to the other three themes.

Build like our fellows

We support your work with a world class entrepreneurship program. Apart from your salary you get:

  • Training in business, finance, marketing, negotiations, building a team, how to talk to customers and much more.
  • Dedicated mentors that help you take on new challenges.
  • A strong community of like-minded fellows.

Click on the fellows to hear their stories.

Who can apply?

Faculty of Impact is for PhD students who completed their PhD research before the start date of the FoI program (start for this FoI round is in May 2025); or Postdocs, university lecturers or other academic staff or comparable positions at a university of applied sciences.

And of course your innovation should make an impact on society.

“Combine world-class academic institutions with a powerful entrepreneurial drive and you get a generation of tech companies that can impact our societal challenges. That’s why we support Faculty of Impact.”

Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau

Member of the Investment Committee at the Dutch National Growth Fund

Now it’s your time

Applications are now open. The new group of
selected fellows will start early 2025.
We can’t wait to see what you’ll do.

Deadline is 1st of October | 14:00 CET